When any writer begins the process of publishing a manuscript, there are endless recommendations, from friends, from other writers, from writing books, and blogs.

Here I begin: my response to the advice. My world, my life, my writing, and my memories, which I offer to you. Each one has played a part in creating the me of today and the stories that are ricocheting around my head. Here is where they were born, somewhere along the way.

This is not just discovery for the reader, it will be discovery for me as well. Thanks for joining me along the many tributaries that are finally coming together into a type of whole.

  1. Irm, I read your blog with great interest. It sheds light on several lives of classmates of whom I evidently knew — and understood–very little. Ilze pointed us to your blog. Keep at i. It’s well worth the effort!

    Sincerely, Ginny (Johnson) DeMers

  2. Ellen Gonis Luckow

    Ditto to what Virginia said. I knew a little about the Latvian community because my mother, whose parents were immigrants from Greece, would help a Latvian family who lived across the street from us “navigate” U.S. life and traditions. Although born in the United States, my mother went through many of the same types of situations as a youngster, and I know she wanted to help other immigrants in the 1950’s and 1960’s when we lived in Indianapolis.
    Ellen Gonis Luckow

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