Other Blogs

I actually have a number of other blogs, some more active than others. I often feel like Doris Lessing and her many-colored notebooks (see The Golden Notebook if you don’t know what I mean). Please feel free to peruse them as well; at this point, they are specific to my interests but perhaps they’ll come together eventually in Tributaries.

Meditations from Zion. This blog covers my spiritual journey and has been active for several years. It is reflective on scriptures in particular and is a systematic journey through the New Testament.

Library Looney. This blog has its ups and downs, but primarily is a lighthearted view of library work in a small community. I try not to take myself too seriously here.

Refiner’s Fire – Emerging Heart. This blog is my oldest one and began in the midst of great turmoil in my life and then documented the adoption of our third child from Russia. I keep it out there as a reminder of that time. Occasionally, I drop in a post.

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